Cold Sore

Our customers have found great success when using Sang Recovery Balm on cold sore 

Direction: The balm is able to treat and prevent the cold sore from forming on most people within hours of applications without drying or scalping of the skin.

Application: Apply a thick layer to the affected areas. The affected areas should be covered with the balm at all times, If some of the balms rub off, reapply immediately until cold sore is healed.

Prevention of Cold Sore: As soon as you feel the tickle on the lip apply the balm thickly on the affected area and reapply immediately if it gets rubs off, this will prevent the Cold sore from forming on most people.

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Anh Pham, Brisbane, Australia

After applying the balm on to my cold sore on the lip in the evening, I was amazed to find that By the morning it had completely healed without drying and scalping and my lips feel soft.I Would you highly recommend this product to others as it works very quickly and it is all natural.


This is what our Customers has to say ! 

Carla Morris  recommends Sang Skin Care.    February 13 at 6:18 AM · 

My family has personally loved Sang's recovery balm for years! It is wonderfully calming on my rosacea and healing on my sons pimples. But I have a spare bottle in case of emergency and have been known to share it around if a friend has a burn, a bad scrape (that might scar) or a skin condition that nothing else seems to help with. It is my go to all round miracle balm and I’m genuinely thankful to Sang for coming up with the solution to so many skin issues. Thanks Sang

I have been going to Sang and using her beautiful products for many years I was never comfortable not wearing makeup as I had red blotchy skin with large pores on my nose and chin. Doing treatments with Sang and using her own made natural products my skin has improved so much I am happy to go without foundation. The recovery balm is so versatile you can use it on so many things excellent on burns, cuts, scars, pimples, coldsores, rashes the list goes on I always carry a small tub in my handbag and have given it to many friends to use and they have all been amazed at the results and now buy their own large tubs, thank you Sang

Great product.... I have used Recovery Balm for many years as part of my beauty regime and household first aid on burns, cold sores and insect bites. It really works. I would happy recommend this product to family and friend