At Sang Skin Care Collection, we embrace the ancient wisdom of aromatherapy and herbal medicine, drawing inspiration from Eastern and Western traditions that have stood the test of time. Our journey began with the realization that nature holds the key to nurturing and rejuvenating our skin.

Ancient civilisations like the Chinese and Egyptians harnessed the power of essential oils and herbs to treat various ailments, including skincare concerns. The remarkable preservation of mummies through essential oils showcases their potency in preserving living cells.

Aligned with the belief that what touches our skin becomes a part of us, we have crafted a skin care collection that is 100% natural and free from harmful substances. Our ingredients are thoughtfully selected, boasting botanical richness and high-performance elements.

We stand firmly against animal testing and any synthetic or toxic additives. Instead, our formulations are skin-compatible, easily penetrating the skin to nourish, heal, and regenerate.

Steeped in a journey of self-discovery, Sang herself battled severe acne, seeking solutions that traditional products couldn't provide. Researching and studying cosmetic chemistry and aromatherapy, she realised the potential of essential oils as the foundation of her vision.

At Sang Skin Care Collection, we celebrate the power of essential oils, herbs, and plant-based ingredients to purify, nourish, and maintain radiant skin. Our handcrafted products are carefully manufactured in small batches, allowing us to ensure quality and preserve the artisanal feel that sets us apart.

With a dedication to customer wellbeing, our skincare range has garnered popularity both locally and on an international scale. We believe in educating and empowering our clients, guiding them on the path to healthier, happier skin.

Through our journey of holistic skincare, we aim to redefine beauty, making it not just skin deep but an all-encompassing wellness experience. With Sang Skin Care, you embark on a transformative journey, where nature's gifts combine to enhance your skin's vitality and reveal its true radiance.

Together, we embrace nature's wisdom and cherish the connection between inner and outer beauty. Welcome to the world of Sang Skin Care Collection, where we craft beauty, harmony, and well-being through the essence of nature .