Which of the Sang Balm Collection to use?

  • Sang Recovery Balm 
  • Sang S.O.S. Balm 

Direction :

Use immediately after laser skin treatments: rubbing a generously amount between the palms to liquefy, then massaging gently all over the affected area, leaving a coat of balm on the surface of the skin, be careful when applying over an area where the skin had blisters as you don’t want to break the blister.

Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3: use morning and night, rubbing a small amount between palms to liquefy, then massaging gently all over the face until balm is absorbed. Apply more generously to the area that is still inflamed or area that the blisters are still healing, repeat this process for as many days as needed, until the skin is fully healed, thereafter the balm can be used morning and night as part of your skin routine to helps to maintain, regenerate and restore healthy glowing skin and combat the signs of premature ageing.


After the skin is healed quite often the skin can feel a bit dry and flaky, if this happens the balm can be used to remove the dead skin cells and nourish the skin, it will leave the skin soft and glowing.

Please read the instruction on how to do the facial  massage treatment with the Sang Recovery Balm