Jelly Fish Stings

 Sang Recovery Balm has been reported to work wonder on jellyfish stings.


2 hours after

Our Sang Recovery Balm is a Patent Pending product title; Promote healing and reduce inflammation. and work wonder for any skin condition that requires healing and reducing inflammation .

Direction : Apply a thick layer to the affected areas, massaging gently until balm is absorbed. If itching and swelling persist, reapply as needed until healed. The affected areas should be covered with the cream at all times, If some of the balms rub off, reapply immediately until the sting is gone.

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This is what our customer has to say 

~ Tim - Washington DC, USA

My family and I were vacationing on the beach in Singapore.  My oldest was stung on his back by a jelly fish.  His back immediately became red and inflamed.  He was in so much pain.  Not having access to immediate medical treatment I remember having a jar of Sang S.O.S Recovery Balm in my bag.  Not sure if it would work or not I applied a small amount of your balm to the affected areas.  Within 15 minutes the pain was relieved.  Within two hours his back looked normal and he was not feeling the pain anymore.  Within 4 hours he had forgotten all about the incident which is a true testament to how well this product works.  Thank you Sang for your wonderful Healing Balm and for saving my son a lot of agony.