Non Surgical Face lift

For an instant, younger fresher looking skin follow this  and watch our video for steps to steps on how to DIY Lymphatic and Facial massage using Sang Formula No.1 -  Recovery Balm


Direction: Apply a generous amount between the palms to liquefy, then massaging firmly using a circular motion all over the face and neck add more balm if needed, continue the facial massage for up to 10 mins or longer if desired, as you massage the balm on the skin, concentrate more on the area where the skin is dry or flaky as you will find the dead skin cells will all rub off, this treatment is a great nourishment treatment for the skin It helps to maintain, regenerate and restore healthy glowing skin and combat the signs of premature aging. The highly concentrated formulation also helps to repair skin damage and assist in healing wounds and scars.


Whom or when should I do the Massage treatment?

  • Suitable for everyone, can even be used on baby skin
  • As part of skincare routine weekly
  • Post skin treatment where the skin is dry and flaky
  • Changes of seasons where the skin can be a bit dry and dehydrated and can use a bit of a boost
  • Can be used on young children and baby to stop their face from drying out, sore and red when coming into the winter months
  • After wind and sunburn

How often can I do the facial treatment on my skin?

  • The first week: you can do the Massage Treatment daily if the skin is very dry
  • The second week: you can do the massage treatment every second day or until the skin has returned to normal. Thereafter a weekly Massage treatment with Sang Recovery Balm can be done to maintain a soft, healthy, and glowing complexion.

This is what our Customers has to Say  

Angela Russell  recommends Sang Skin Care16 mins · 

The recovery Balm is a miracle, I stopped using my retinol A cream to go on this product, and I had several family members ask what I was using on my skin, it is an amazing product highly recommend for all skin types and all ages

I have used many products over the years purchasing from major cosmetic companies, pharmacies and supermarkets. I have finally found products I love, and my skin has never looked better. Fine line and wrinkles are disappearing and my skin looks smooth and supple again. Absolutely love and recommend the beautiful products


OMG I watched my mum's skin change every day! at 92 yrs with terrible rosacea, welts popping up all over her face...Well, 2 weeks and my mum has beautiful skin again! ....I'm not freaked at giving her a kiss on the cheek anymore. on my own skin,.....I get comments about how great my skin is & looking younger! can only be the S.O.S. balm! Wow! and then, a girlfriend with a burn across her arm.....gone, gone , scar, nothing there! YES, the S.O.S. balm works & works well! Cheers  😊