The Do and Don’t on problematic skin teen and adult breakout

The Do  and the DON"T on Problematic  Skin

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Hi, my name is Sang. Welcome to Sang's Secret. Today, I like to share with you the do and the don't on problematic skin. That is acne prone skin, whether a teenage or adult. The do is you must keep the skin clean and soft. The don't is you do not want to be using any product that's drying on the skin, and irritating the skin. Now, let's talk about the cleanser. with Cleanser, you want to be using a natural cleanser that is capable of removing makeup, ladies, without stripping off the skin and over-drying the skin. Moisturise, this is very important. You must moisturise. I know some people think because their skin is a problem prone skin that it has too much oil and that they shouldn't use a moisturiser. But that's not true. Is depending on the types of moisturiser you choose. You want to choose a natural moisturiser that is able to penetrate into many layers of the skin, lock in the moisture in the skin, at the same time contains ingredients that would help with assisting healing, reducing inflammation of the skin. In Sang Skin Care, we recommend our Sang Recovery balm .Now, when we look at exfoliation, exfoliation is important to keep the skin soft, we use Sang Crystal Scrub , do not over exfoliate the skin. So, never use a scrub more than once a week. Anything more than once a week, you actually stripping off the protective layer, which is very important for your skin to be healthy, you do not want to do that. There are many ways of exfoliating the skin. In Sang Skin Care  Collection  I recommend 

  • Daily Exfoliant -Exfoliation cloth each time you cleanse your skin, after the cleanser has been rinsed off, wet the cloth with just with water buff the skin making sure that  all last chase of makeup and dead skin is off
  • Gentle Exfoliant  - can be used as often as you like, We recommend as list one per week.Sang Detoxifying Mask. also, play an important part in keeping the skin clear from a breakout, the detoxifying mask that we use is a Mineral Clay Mask, which able to draw out impurity, dry a pimple without drying skin. as well as act as a light exfoliant 
  • Weekly Exfoliant -Sang Crystal Scrub - this is a professional strength exfoliant, this scrub van produces light or heavy exfoliant but yet very gentle on the skin.
  •  Skin Polish - as often as needed , we recommend at least twice a day when you do your morning and night skin routine.Sang Recovery Balm  . The Balm through its inflammatory and healing ingredients it will assist in calming and healing of the skin and scars tissue, each time you apply the balm if you feel an area that's a little bit dry, go back, put a bit of balm on and buff through that. And you'll find it will easily buff off the dead skin leaving the skin looking polished and radiant.


  •  Keep the skin clean, soft, do not over-exfoliate 
  •  Do not touch the skin
  • Recognise that there are two types of pimples 
  1. one that's inflamed and sore, to which you want to be using the Sang Recovery Balm as a spot to help reduce the inflammation  
  2. A pimple that just a puss to which you would want to be dry the pimples without drying the skin, in Sang Skin Care it is our detoxifying mask which will draw out all out the impurities and drying off the puss without drying the skin

Inflamed and sore & scars

Puss with no inflammation

Inflamed and sore

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Sang Ha is the founder and creator of SANG Skin Care. Sang is a health and beauty professional and comes to you with over 32 years of clinical experience. Sang is now  sharing her knowledge and trick of the trade to educating everyday people to care for their skin through online education and hands-on workshop at her showroom. Sang Skin Care is currently distributed nationally and internationally

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