Tips for Winter Skin

Tips on Maintaining Beautiful Skin in Winter


The trick to beautiful skin in the colder months is to make sure that is is well moisturiser, using a moisturiser that  is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin  to lock in the moisture  and delivery nutritional properties to maintain a healthy skin is the key.

Sang Balm Collection cater for all budget and  is ideal to be use by the whole family for face and body 


        Recovery Balm                                 Lavender balm         Vitamin E Balm


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Sang  demonstrate on how to use Sang Recovery Balm  in Winter

The collection's best seller is the groundbreaking, “Sang Recovery Balm“.  It is our own patent-pending invention. This groundbreaking formula is called by many of our customers "The Healing Balm” as it is the one product that is a solution for many skin problems.

Sang S.O.S Balm -is a lower concentration of the Recovery Balm

Lavender Balm - Lavender Balm - Recovery balm base +Lavender & Cocoa Butte

Vitamin E Balm -Fragrance- Free. Contain the Recovery Balm base + Cocoa butter & vitamin E


Sang talk about Sang Balm Collection .

In this video Sang will explain how to choose the best balm for your skin types.



Hi, there everybody, my name is Sang Ha from Sang Skin Care. We're here in beautiful Brisbane and it is our first day of winter. So, I thought I'll share with you my secret of how to keep my skin beautiful and moisturised during the month of winter.

 What I've got here is our Sang Recovery Balm. And if you don't know about it, you might want to check it out. It is the one product that will do everything. This is our Recovery Balm here, and this is how much you would use for the whole face and neck. And being a balm it is very moisturised, it contains all the nutritional value that the skin needs and healing property. And it's great for the whole family going from natural anti-ageing to right through to burns, cold sores, and so on. Eczema. 

 This is how you use it. You need to break it down, and then massage on your skin like so. But the most important thing with any moisturiser that you use, in particular with our balm, you need to really massage the balm into your skin. And as you massage the balm into your skin, you'll find that any dead skin will buff off underneath. 

 Our Balm is able to penetrate deep down to many layers of the skin, which is very, very important. By doing this, what you also do is getting the circulation happening in your skin. So get all the blood flow. It acts like exercising your facial muscle. If you have time, you would want to add a little bit of extra balm and really massage it through any dryness in the skin. Buff through that with the balm. And I'm doing it quite firmly. You need to do it quite firmly. For general moisturiser, if your skin is not so dry, then two minutes of massaging it on are recommended, after which there shouldn't be any trace of the balm on your skin. If it is you used too much. 

During winter where the weather is turning a bit cold, spend a little bit more time on massaging your skin,  the skin should feel really moist afterward. I'm doing a little bit extra because today I feel the weather has turned a little bit colder and my skin just feels a little bit drier. 

 Our Balm collection can be used for the whole family. Often you find that little kids in winter have red patches on their skin. This means the skin is too dry the balm will help with this, if you don't have the time to do it during the day, the best time is bedtime. And it's nice and relaxing. So just massage it through, breaks through that dead skin and coat the skin with the balm, once the skin is back to normal use the balm day and night for maintenance. 


Additional video that you might want to watch

Exercise for your Face

Doing regular facial massage with the Recovery Balm will keep the skin soft and well moisturise during winter, but it will tighten up the facial muscles given a more lifted slimmer facial contour and radiant skin complexion. 


 DIY Home Dermabrasion

 is a treatment that removes damaged outer layers of skin to expose new layers of skin that appears younger & smoother. This treatment is a professional skin treatment which is normally performed in a skin clinic and now thanks to Sang sharing her unique technique and experience you can enjoy doing it for yourself at Home. Enjoy radiant and glowing skin after doing this at home. Save money in going to the clinic.  Check out our DIY Dermabrasion Packs



  • Help to clear blemishes and improves skin complexion
  • maintain healthy glowing skin and more youthful appearance
  • instantly stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of fine line.firm and tighten the facial muscles which create a slimmer appearance to the facial contour 
  • Improve Acne Scars, Scars From Surgery or Injury
  • Improve  Age Spots Sun Damaged and Uneven Skin Tone
  •  Improve dark circle and puffiness under the eyesJust like the body

Sang talk about  Methods to facial Exfoliation 

Exfoliation cloth  for a exfoliation, Sang Detoxifying Mask. Sang Pure Rose Mask for a gentle exfoliation, Sang Crystal Scrub  for a weekly exfoliation,Sang Recovery Balm  & Sang S.O.S Balm   for a daily skin polish

Sang Ha

CEO & Founder

Sang Skin Care

Sang Ha is the founder and creator of SANG Skin Care. Sang is a health and beauty professional and comes to you with over 32 years of clinical experience. Sang is now sharing her knowledge and trick of the trade to educating everyday people to care for their skin through online education and hands-on workshop at her showroom. Sang Skin Care is currently distributed nationally and internationally

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