Which of the Sang Balm Collection to use?

For best results, Sang Recovery Balm is the best as this contain the full high concentration of the anti-ageing as well as all the healing and nourishing ingredients, but for younger skin or people with a budget, our Sang S.O.S. Balm.

Sang Lavender Balm and Sang Vitamin E Balm is also another option, once the condition is under control.


Rubbing a small amount between the palms to liquefy, then massaging gently all over the affected areas until balm is absorbed. Apply more generously on the severe areas. The affected areas should be covered with the balm at all times. If some of the balms rub off, reapply immediately until inflammation and discomfort are reduced.

After Sun Care - Can be used as a moisturizing after Sun care to help restore skin back to nourish and restore the skin back to health.

Please read the instruction on how to do the facial massage treatment with the Rose Soothing Balm.

Please read the instruction on how to do the massage treatment with the Sang Recovery Balm

Real Story :

The first the day of summer I was out on the boat all day with the family and by the end of the day I had noticed my shoulders, back and face were very burned and sore, I was giving Sang S.O.S Recovery Balm a week or so earlier I decided to try it on my burn. I was surprised to find that the pain was gone within minutes and the redness reduces straight away.

It is a great product. The family and I are now using it for everything.

~ Tim Kersnick - Washington, D.C.