Which of the Sang Balm Collection to use?

For best results, Sang Recovery Balm is the best as this contain the full high concentration of the anti-ageing as well as all the healing and nourishing ingredients, but for younger skin or people with a budget, our Sang S.O.S. Balm.

Sang Lavender Balm and Sang Vitamin E Balm is also another option, once the condition is under control.

Direction :

Use as a daily moisturizer morning and night, rubbing a small amount between palms to liquefy, then massaging gently all over the face until balm is absorbed. Apply more generously to dry or irritated areas.

Real Story :

I work outdoors and my skin is very sun damaged and always red from the broken capillaries. After just 2 application of the Sang S.O.S Recovery Balm, I find the redness greatly reduces on my face and the skin is feeling softer. I feel the balm help to get rid of my sun damage. Yes, I would highly recommend it because it does work.

~ Glenn Mathison - QLD Australia