Sun Burn/ After Sun Burn

Our customers have amazing results of using Sang Recovery Balm for sunburn and burn in general.

Our  Sang Recovery Balm is a Patent Pending product title; Promote healing and reduce inflammation. and work wonder for any skin condition that requires healing and reducing inflammation 

Direction; Use morning and night, rubbing a small amount between palms to liquefy, then massaging gently all over the affected areas until balm is absorbed. Apply more generously on severe areas.

The affected areas should be covered with the balm at all times, if some of the balms rub off, reapply immediately until inflammation and discomfort are reduced.

Once the inflammation is reducing, the balm should then be used morning and night to help speed up the healing process, reducing redness, and restoring skin health.

After the skin is healed quite often the skin can feel a bit dry and flaky, if this happens the balm can be used to remove the dead skin cells and nourish the skin, it will leave the skin soft and glowing

Lymphatic and Anti- ageing massage with Sang Recovery Balm will allow deep penetration of nutrients to the cells, as well as buffing away dead skin cells.

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Sang  talk  about dry, itchy skin eczema dermatitis, and how to best use Sang's balm Collection and which Balm to use for best result.

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DIY  Home Dermabrasion will  removes damaged outer layers of skin  as well as hydrate and and restore the skin, given a younger & smoother. appearance

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Sang is giving tips on how to slow down the ageing process naturally through using Sang Recovery Balm and techniques that you can easily adapt at home.

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This is what our Customers has to say 

My family has personally loved Sangs recovery balm for years! It is wonderfully calming on my rosacea and healing on my sons pimples. But I have a spare bottle in case of emergency and have been known to share it around if a friend has a burn, a bad scrape (that might scar) or a skin condition that nothing else seems to help with. It is my go to all round miracle balm and I’m genuinely thankful to Sang for coming up with the solution to so many skin issues. Thanks Sang

~ Tim Kersnick - Washington, D.C.

The first the day of summer I was out on the boat all day with the family and by the end of the day I had noticed my shoulders, back and face were very burned and sore, I was giving Sang S.O.S Recovery Balm a week or so earlier I decided to try it on my burn. I was surprised to find that the pain was gone within minutes and the redness reduces straight away.

It is a great product. The family and I are now using it for everything