Our customers have great results using Sang Recovery Balm when travelling as it will hydrate the skin during Plan trip, airport and Hotel air-conditioning which can be very dehydrated on the skin, it is like "Winter skin where the skin can be dry and dehydrated. During the trip when possible I recommend to reapply the Recovery Balm and do Lymphatic and Anti - Ageing Massage on yourself.
It is a must in everyone travel packs as it is the one product that you will also need for many Mishaps.
For the body we recommend: Sang Lavender Balm or Sang Vitamin  E Balm and also a must is Sang Lip Balm
Direction: Rubbing a small amount between palms to liquefy, then massaging gently all over the face until the balm is absorbed. Apply more generously if the skin is very dry or irritable. Reapply as often as needed during your travelling to nourish the skin and prevent dryness and dehydration.

Doing Lymphatic and Anti Ageing massage during your travel will keep the skin well hydrated.

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Keeping your skin fresh and radiant while traveling .Learn how to do DIY Dermabrasion .

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 Often when traveling the skin becomes very dry and itchy .

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I love this Balm, when I was travelling overseas I had it in 2 of my suitcases just in case one my suitcase goes missing. I couldn’t go without the product. I guard it more than my passport when I travel.

~ Donna Smallhorn - QLD, Australia

I have been going to Sang and using her beautiful products for many years I was never comfortable not wearing makeup as I had red blotchy skin with large pores on my nose and chin. Doing treatments with Sang and using her own made natural products my skin has improved so much I am happy to go without foundation. The recovery balm is so versatile you can use it on so many things excellent on burns, cuts, scars, pimples, coldsores, rashes the list goes on I always carry a small tub in my handbag and have given it to many friends to use and they have all been amazed at the results and now buy their own large tubs, thank you Sang.