How to DIY Dermabrasion using Sang Skin Care

How to DIY Home Dermabrasion


Instruction on How to DIY Dermabrasion at Home

Dermabrasion is a treatment that removes damaged outer layers of skin to expose new layers of skin that appears younger & smoother. This treatment is a professional skin treatment which is normally performed in a skin clinic and now thanks to Sang sharing her unique technique and experience you can enjoy doing it for yourself at Home. Enjoy radiant and glowing skin after doing this at home. Save money in going to the clinic

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  • Help to clear blemishes and improves skin complexion.
  • maintain healthy glowing skin and more youthful appearance
  • instantly stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of fine line
  • firm and tighten the facial muscles which create a slimmer appearance to the facial contour,
  • Improve Acne Scars, Scars From Surgery or Injury
  • Improve  Age Spots,  Sun Damaged and Uneven Skin Tone
  • Improve dark circle and puffiness under the eyes

Just like the body, we want to detox, nourish, and exercise to keep it looking good, our DIY Home Dermabrasion we show you how to do the same on your face.

WARNING: Be prepared to have people asking you how your skin is looking so glowing and radiant


Step 1:  Cleanser

Step 1: Cleanser | Exfoliation Cloth 

Cleanser: follow the guide below to choose a cleanser best suited to you Exfoliation Cloth: scrub the skin gently to ensure all make - up and dead skin cells are buffs away Eye Make-up Remover: if you are wearing heavy eye make-up or waterproof mascara add a bit of Milk Cleanser on the exfoliation cloth, sit in on the eye for a few seconds then wiped away all the eye make-up.


Foaming Cleanser 

Oily - Combination 

Normal -Dry or people who prefer a foaming feel to their cleanser

Milk Cleanser  & Eye make-up Remover  

Sensitive,Dry , Sun damaged Skin

Exfoliating Clothes

A must for all skin types

Step 2: Crystal  Scrub 


Hydration Toner |Crystal Scrub

Sang Crystal Scrub: will buff off the dead skin and stimulating new skin cells without using any chemicals, peel or fruit acid buffs down lines, reduces scars, open pores, pigmentation while adding tone to the skin. The uniqueness of Sang 's crystal scrub is once its dry onto the skin it will glue on to the dead skin and buff off, you can control how light or strong you need it to be 

 Hydration Toner: Spray on the skin, follow the guide below to choose the Toner best suited to you Crystal Scrub: applying the crystal scrub by adding about 1/2 teaspoon in the hand using a bit of water to wet it down, massage it through the skin. For young skin or active acne blemishes skin, you want to do it reasonably light. so you want to keep that scrub moist by adding a bit more water, and you keep the scrub moist to give a light for exfoliation. For mature skin, you can do a deeper dermabrasion.

 Do this by allowing the Crystal Scrub to go dry once it is dry it will glue on to the dead skin and you're able to buff it off. Especially around the neck and the decolletage, you can go deeper, but for the first time do it moist so you can get to know how strong you're able to dermabrasion on your skin. This process here would take normally about 10, even 15 minutes, so do not rush this. rinse off the scrub well after.


 :Hydration Toner No 2,3

Sensitive , Dry

 Sun Damaged skin 


 Hydration Toner No 1

For Oily- Combination Skin


 Crystal Scrub

For all Skin Types

Steps 3 : Facial steam ( Optional )

To steam: have a bowl of  boiled  water, to which you can add Sang Essential Oil Synergies into the water (optional) applying a thin layer of  Sang Recovery Balm  on to the skin ,with the towel over your head, and steam for about 5-10 minutes. Depend on the skin type and how sensitive your skin is. So, if it's very sensitive, about five minutes. If you really enjoy the steaming and your skin can really take it, you can do anything up to 10 minutes


A luxurious & nourishing balm that was scientifically formulated based on thousands of years of aromatherapy & herbal medicine. Provides immediate and long-lasting soothing hydration to the skin, creating an optimal moisture level balance. Leaves the skin feeling younger, helps prevent the signs of ageing & enables the skin to recover.

It is our own patent-pending invention. This groundbreaking formula is called by many of our customers "The Healing Balm” as it is the one product that is a solution for many skin problems!

Step 4: Mask


Hydration Toner|Detoxifying Mask | Rose Mask 

Using the Mask will further lift off and flatly skin and helps with drawing out all impurities in the skin while adding firmness to the skin Direction: Spray on the hydration toner, apply your mask follow the guide below to choose the Mask best suited to you, when you apply on the mask, you'll find that you feel a bit of heat, a bit tingling as its working. Once the mask is dry, it stops working. it can then wash off follow by Hydration Toner, finishing off with sang Recovery Balm.


Detoxifying Mask 

Oily - Combination Skin

Spot Treatment on Pimple

Pure Rose Mask

Sensitive, dry, Sun Damaged Skin.

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Lymphatic & Anti- Ageing Massage

Detox| Nourish| firm

Using our Recovery balm perform the Lymphatic and Anti-ageing Massage - this will not only clear the skin of toxin it will penetrate the Recovery Balm deep into the skin to add nutrients to the cells. 

 How to do Lymphatic and Anti-Ageing Massage


Sang Ha

Founder of Sang Skin Care

Sang Ha is the founder and creator of SANG Skin Care. Sang is a health and beauty professional and comes to you with over 32 years of clinical experience. Sang is now sharing her knowledge and trick of the trade to educating everyday people to care for their skin through online education and hands-on workshop at her showroom. Sang Skin Care is currently distributed nationally and internationally


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