How to Slow Down the Ageing Process Naturally 

Sang is giving tips on how to slow down the ageing process naturally through using Sang Recovery Balm and techniques that you can easily adapt at home.

How to slow down the ageing processs naturally.




Hi, welcome to "Sang's Secret." Today, I like to talk to you about ageing. As we know, we always age, but we don't always have to look our age. So people say to me, "I can't believe you're nearly 50. What do you do?" And I say, "Well, my secret is Sang Recovery Balm day and night for over the last 30 years, and I use it religiously. when we look at ageing, now ageing, did you know that 30% is biological and 70% is self-inflicted. And all that 70%, we're talking about healthy exercise, diet, meditation, relaxation for your mental peace of mind. But very importantly, you need a good skincare routine. 

what is the good skincare routine?

 A good skin care routine starts with good skin care products, I, of course, prefer natural skin care product where that does contain high nutritional value and ablility to penetrate deep into the skin and lock in the moisture which is very important to keep the stratum corneum very healthy. The stratum corneum is the external layer of the skin, and that is acting like a wall that protects our skin from the outer environment. Enable us to lock in the moisture. when the stratum corneum is healthy it is able to function properly, and that help to reduce lines and wrinkles and help the skin to heal and function the way it should. And when it is not, that is our skin will dry and cracked and the skin stop function properly when you lose moisture, and lines and wrinkles form more rapidly. 

 What do you do to prevents lines and wrinkles from forming more rapidly ? 

With myself, of course, a good skincare routine. And with the Recovery Balm I have with me all the time, right next to my bedside table, at night if I wake up and if I find the skin is a bit dry and crustiness, depending on what you've been doing during the day, I would add a little bit more on that area and massage through it, buffing away all the dead skin. I always want to maintain the stratum corneum very supple, very, very healthy. When you're travelling on the plane, a long plane trip, you make sure you do the same. Also with swimming in chlorine water, you want to protect that stratum corneum layer. You want to rinse the water first...rinse yourself in the shower before you hop in the chlorine water because that way your skin will take in the moisture from the shower rather than taking in all the chlorine from the pool l which is very dehydrating on the skin, after swimming remember to moisturise well to nourish the skin.

 For the face use Sang Recovery Balm and on the body Lavender or Vitamin E Balm massage the balm on to keep the skin very supple and keep it soft. Exercise: You exercise your body, you need to exercise your face. So facial massage is very important to keep your skin firm and tone, get the blood circulation going, stimulating collagen very, very important. If you want to know a little bit more on how to do this, have to look at our Video on how to DIY Lymphatic and Anti-Ageing Massage using Sang Recovery Balm 


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Sang Ha

 Brisbane, Australia


Sang Ha is the founder and creator of SANG Skin Care. Sang is a health and beauty professional and comes to you with over 32 years of clinical experience. Sang is now sharing her knowledge and trick of the trade to educating everyday people to care for their skin through online education and hands-on workshop at her showroom. Sang Skin Care is currently distributed nationally and internationally


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